Rachel Osborn • October 1,2020

OperateBeyond Launches New Website For Dixie RV SuperStores

Market Leader Opts for Increased Traffic and Leads by
Switching to OperateBeyond’s Platform

Dixie RV SuperStores, one of the leading RV retailers throughout the nation, has just signed on to a new website with OperateBeyond, a software company providing websites and marketing tools specifically for dealers. This transition has been highly anticipated for both parties and encourages substantial growth for the retailer. OperateBeyond’s unique platform assists dealers with everything from marketing to customer service with their automated Marketplace/Craigslist Scheduler and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions.

Dixie RV SuperStores has sold high-quality recreational vehicles since 1984 and has developed into the largest volume RV dealerships in the Florida panhandle. The dealership also provides one of the most diverse selections of both new and used RV’s in the area. As competitive pricing and quality customer service have always been vital to the retailer, joining in a partnership with OperateBeyond was as easy a decision to make. 

“We’re excited to have Dixie RV join us and honored they selected OperateBeyond as the provider for their new website”, said the OperateBeyond team. “We see being chosen by a market leader like Dixie RV Superstores as validation that our goal of producing solutions that outperform competitors is being achieved.”

To view the new custom website for Dixie RV SuperStores click here to be directed

Rachel Osborn

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