Marissa Pendrick • December 19,2022

Top Tips & Tricks to a Successful Listing

When it comes to getting your listings noticed – whether it be on Facebook Marketplace, OperateBeyond online marketplaces, GoogleMyBusiness, OR your company website – we want to make sure you have the best tips for a successful listing.

Maximize your listing exposure by utilizing all the features you have accessible to you through OperateBeyond. One of those opportunities includes custom websites. Custom websites are your place to express your brand, locations, and listings in your own way. This includes making sure you put your best foot forward with high-quality images, descriptions, pricing details, and more.

To help your listings get the most exposure, it’s important that they are attractive. So let’s take a minute to walk you through some of our best practices for getting the most leads and producing engaging content.

  1. Photos have a BIG impact on your selling opportunities. We have found that lot photos perform better than stock photos. Take as many photos as possible of trailer details with multiple angles. If you have multiple inventory of one trailer, try to take photos from different angles to distinguish between listings.
  2. Budgets are important for everyone and buyers are looking at trailers within a certain price range to fit their lifestyle and needs. Ensure the price for each trailer instead of listing “Call for Price”. 
  3. Details, details, details! Make sure to include all trailer details and features when importing your inventory into OperateBeyond. These details and features update between each database and it’s important to make sure buyers have all the information. This includes specs like pull-type, payload capacity, etc. The more features, the more you will STAND OUT!
  4. Last but not least, the most successful dealers are using more than one way to market and manage their business. This includes FaceBook, SEM, CRM, GMB, etc. And you can do all of this with OperateBeyond. 

To learn more about our custom website features and listing on Facebook Marketplace, email us today at sales@operatebeyond.com.

We are here to help you list boats, horse trailers, semi-trailers, RVs, golf carts, scooters, and more with other online selling platforms. Ask us about this today!

Marissa Pendrick

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